About Us

“Kisima” is a Swahili word for a well of water

About Kisima Psychological Services

Kisima Psychological Services is a renowned and established organisational development firm based in Gauteng.

We specialise in delivering industrial and clinical psychological interventions to corporate companies.

Over the fourteen years of its existence, Kisima Psychological Services has refined its offering with cutting-edge research in order to offer clients the most contemporary and relevant products and services.

To this end, products and services are integrated in such a manner that they ensure a conducive environment for productivity in the workplace.

Interventions are focused not only on the individual, but also on the environment within which individuals and teams need to be productive.

Organisational Development: Our Approach

Our approach to organisational development is embedded in neuroscience principles, from the development and design of our products to how we deliver our interventions, this is what differentiates us.

Why Neuroscience Principles?

  • Depth of research that has grown exponentially in the past twenty years in neuroscience facilitates a more accurate view of human nature.

  • Neuroscience approaches to interventions have shown a shorter turn-around time. For example, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques facilitate more rapid insight in clients.

  • Deeper more lasting changes tend to be associated with neuroscience approaches. This is therefore more cost effective for clients.

Our Value Proposition

We understand that an organisation’s financial performance is always a lagging indicator; that it is the people behind the financial performance that matter - in other words, the generators of the financial performance.

Our products and services are designed to unlock, improve and optimise human performance in organisations. Let us take care of your generators, your rock stars, your gladiators!