A Thought Piece on Youth Month

The month of June is home to the International Children’s Rights Day on 1 June as well as South Africa’s National Youth Day on 16 June. Childhood and youth are generally associated with innocence and exploration of the unknown. Risking and making mistakes while learning about life’s rhythms are equally part of the journey of […]

A Thought Piece on Africa Day

Africa Day is celebrated on 25 May of each year. It is an annual commemoration of the foundation of the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) in 1963. The commemoration and celebration has cultural and historical significance for the continent. On this 54th year of celebration i

A Thought Piece on Rights

On 21 March of every year since the dawn of democracy in South Africa, the country commemorates Human Rights day. This is a holiday that has its origins in 1960 during the Sharpville massacre. This is when thousands of black people protested against pass laws at a police station. Police opened fire and scores of […]

A Thought Piece on Relationships

February is socially known as the month of love, with specific reference to and focus on romantic relationships. More often than not, we are inundated with commercial invitations to do something special for that one person that one love of our life. Dinner reservations, flowers, chocolates, lingerie and other intimate commodities make up the language […]

A Thought Piece on Resolutions

With every start of every year scores of people make attempts at starting all over in one or other area of their lives. Weight loss, finding a job or another job, becoming more spiritual etc. The fashionable term for this is New Year’s resolutions. More often than not, the majority of people do not consistently stick […]