Our Clinical & Industrial Psychological Services


  • Emotional Intelligence – Capacitate teams’ and individuals’ psycho-social awareness to improve interpersonal relationships in the workplace

  • Team Effectiveness - Facilitate the evaluation of team function and facilitate measures to improve results

  • Change Management - Elevate employee buy-in and ownership of organisational change imperatives using neuroscience principles

  • Executive Group Coaching - Focused 6-session intervention for executives to drive organisational outcomes consistently and sustainably

  • Employee Resilience - Build individual capacity to withstand challenging and uncertain times. This is made up of a four-hour team facilitation workshop and two individual coaching sessions  

  • Employee Wellness Programme - Tailored wellness workshops to enhance employees’ psycho-social well-being. These range from stress management, depression and anxiety, to financial health and physical well-being

Individuals in Corporate:

  • Executive Neuro-Coaching - Specific brain-based coaching aimed at achieving desired leadership behavioural outcomes within a prescribed amount of time

  • Development Neuro-Coaching - Generic brain-based coaching aimed at improving employee performance

  • Re-purposing for a digital age - With the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) already shaping ways of work, it is critical that employees reposition themselves to continue adding the required corporate value. A battery of context-specific assessments and two coaching sessions are a sufficient baseline to re-purpose individuals

  • Brief Term Therapy - Tailored intervention aimed at helping individuals to work through and overcome psycho-social difficulty

Assessment Centre:

This is a multi-dimensional facility that evaluates various aspects of employee and management psychological profiles. Assessments include, but are not limited to, the following purposes:  

  • Applicant suitability for employment 

  • Employee potential for growth  

  • Leadership succession planning  

  • Personality profile insights    

  • Emotional intelligence awareness  

  • Organisational diagnosis tools

The choice of assessment(s) for each purpose is carefully selected from a range of accredited assessments in South Africa. These are tailor-made for unique client needs.